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Application of sheet metal processing in automobile manufacturing

2020-12-0216 times
We are a manufacturer of sheet metal parts that can form complex non-uniform cross-section shapes from different simple curved surfaces. Stretch forming can form parts with high precision and smooth surface. Tough materials are better, aluminum, steel, and titanium are commonly used. Typical stretching forms some large curved panels, such as the door panels or wings of airplanes and automobiles. Other stretch-formed parts can be found in window frames and shells. The price of sheet metal parts manufactured by LORD CNC machine tools is favorable, which does not affect the appearance.
The force in the sheet metal forming process applies a piece of sheet metal to modify its geometry instead of deleting any material. The applied external force exceeds the yield strength of the material, resulting in plastic deformation of the material, but it will not fail. By doing this, the board can be bent or stretched into various complex shapes. The forming process of sheet metal mainly includes the following aspects: bending, roll forming, spinning, deep drawing and stretch forming.

The product is widely used in the following industries:

In the aviation industry: Aircraft sheet metal manufacturing technology is an important part of aerospace manufacturing engineering and one of the important manufacturing technologies to realize the structural characteristics of aircraft.

: Automotive sheet metal in the automotive industry is all work except the production of sheet metal parts suitable for car interiors, as well as the anti-corrosion and decorative coating of body parts.

Medical care: Provide sheet metal shells for machines used in the medical industry.

Communication industry: Metal plates are welded and riveted through pressure processing methods such as cutting, punching, bending, and pressure forming to form metal parts for the communication industry such as mobile phones.

New energy industry: develop sheet metal product processing services suitable for the new energy industry.

Electronic and electrical industry: Provide sheet metal processing services for electronic and electrical industries such as electronic chassis, electronic cabinets, printer housings, etc.