Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

Do you know what is the most reliable raw material for metal stamping?

Metal stamping is one of the most commonly used strategies in the world in today’s design. The aluminum press can be used to cut, beat, twist, decorate, tool processing, indentation, and even use a metal press to form convoluted parts. Iron, hardened steel, copper, metal, nickel and aluminum are the basic composite materials used for stamping. Therefore, colored materials may become increasingly suitable for cutting-edge and testing applications. In this article, we will study some well-known stamped metals.
Copper alloys, in addition to metals, iron, nickel steel, high-quality copper compounds, because of their excellent warmth retention and electrical conductivity. These are safe anti-rust, antibacterial, non-fuzzing and attractive materials. Sheet metal processing.png

They are easy to manage and their viciousness makes them a favorite of metal stamping. Copper and copper composite materials can be drawn to be smaller and slenderer than any other products, so that they can be deeply mixed point by point during stamping.

Steel alloys, steel and steel compounds are highly adaptable, moderately and truly strong, making them the main force in the mechanical field, and they are perfect in a reasonable range of general-purpose metal stamping parts. The strength of steel has an adverse effect on weight because the steel compound is both strong and thick.

One of the main concerns of steel is that it can be alloyed with specific materials and processed before or after stamping. The uniqueness of this steel composite material is quality, strength, corrosion resistance and so on. The soft, moldable steel combination may step in a chaotic manner, at which point the heat will be improved later to increase its durability.

For aluminum alloys, look for aluminum compounds in applications that require quality but do not require a lot of weight. This compound may be the lightest metal commonly used, and most of it is used in the automotive area, where there is some room for some weight that may reduce fuel reserve funds.

Although the price of aluminum amalgam is higher than that of steel composite materials, its natural protective effect prevents it from being consumed, and the light weight of the metal ensures that the aluminum foil has a longer service life and can be made with fewer raw materials. Metal stamping parts are both lightweight and lightweight, and can form chaotic geometric shapes of aluminum and aluminum combinations.