laser cutting · 2021年5月7日

Factors affecting the effect of laser cutting

The effect of cutting speed

In laser cutting processing, the cutting speed has a considerable influence on the quality of the cut material. The ideal cutting speed will make the cutting surface show a relatively stable line, and there will be no slag in the lower part of the material. When the auxiliary gas pressure and laser power are constant, the cutting speed and the slit width show a non-linear inverse relationship. When the cutting speed is relatively slow, the laser energy acts on the slit for a longer time, resulting in an increase in the slit width When the speed is too slow, the action time of the laser beam is too long, the upper cutting seam and the lower cutting seam of the workpiece will be very different, the cutting quality will be reduced, and the production efficiency will be greatly reduced. Sheet metal processing.png

As the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine increases, the action time of the laser beam energy on the workpiece becomes shorter, so that the thermal diffusion and heat conduction effects become smaller, and the width of the slit becomes smaller accordingly. When the speed is too fast, the workpiece material to be cut will become impenetrable due to insufficient cutting heat input. This phenomenon belongs to incomplete cutting, and the molten material cannot be blown off in time. These molten materials will cause the cutting The seam is re-welded.

During the use of the laser cutting machine, due to the influence of materials, processes, environmental conditions and human factors, the technical status of the equipment will be deteriorated, and various failures will inevitably occur, the function and accuracy of the equipment will be reduced, and even The whole machine loses its use value. To understand and master some common faults and solutions, to keep the laser cutting machine on-site in good condition, to increase the utilization rate, and to extend the service life is the need for enterprises to improve their economic benefits.