Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

What are the steps of sheet metal processing

In fact, sheet metal processing can also be called sheet metal processing in general. The specific application examples in life are mainly to say: use sheet metal to make some commonly used appliances in life: chimneys, iron barrels, oil tanks, etc. For objects, the primary process of sheet metal processing is some cutting, riveting, bending, welding, zigzag forming, etc. However, the specific process flow of sheet metal parts with different structures is also different. The following editor will introduce you to one of the most basic technological processes in the sheet metal processing profession. Sheet metal processing.

Sheet metal processing process: first, the first step is to make a general plan for the sheet metal parts → the second is to produce the drawings according to the specific skills of the sheet metal parts → and then the open drawing is made Numerical control programming → the next step is to carry out the blanking, which can also be said to be a number of punching operations → followed by the next step of bending → then the sheet metal processing parts for the pressure riveting operation → then came to the welding sheet metal processing parts → and then It is to beautify the surface of the sheet metal processing parts. Specific examples are: spraying or electroplating → finally the screen printing to the installation and packaging and shipment. The above is the introduction of the most basic process flow of the entire sheet metal processing.